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What to Expect

What to expect on your first visit to RCB

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Our Office

Patients visiting our office for the first time will receive a comprehensive consultation. We will perform a complete dilated examination of both eyes. Please allow a minimum of 1-2 hours for this initial consultation. We ask that you bring sunglasses with you, as the dilation will make your eyes sensitive to light. Because you will have some blurriness and light sensitivity while your eyes are dilated, we recommend our patients bring someone with them to drive them home, if possible.

Upon arrival, you will be asked for the following:

After you check in, one of our clinic technicians will conduct preliminary testing which includes visual acuity, intraocular pressure measurement, and eye dilation. After preliminary testing is completed, the doctor you are seeing will call you from the waiting room for your exam. Your visit may include additional testing procedures such as fluorescein angiography, fundus photography, B-Scan ultrasound, or optical coherence tomography (OCT). At the end of your visit, you will bring your chart back up to the reception desk and make a follow-up appointment, if directed to do so.