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  1. “I am sixty-two years old and have RVO [Retinal Vein Occlusion], but because of this practice, I can still work as a registered nurse at a local hospital. The staff and Dr. Kumar are wonderful.”

    Alice S.
    Alice S. July 6, 2016
  2. “The Tag Line of “Preserving the Gift of Sight” reflects so well what they do. But, equally as important, is how they do it.
    Professionally, Dr. Weiter and Dr. Nandakumar are among a select group who are the very best in the world. Even being at the top of their field, they set aside egos and professional pride as they really, really care and my sight has continually been their only concern.
    Even after several procedures to repair challenging macular tears, they never gave up upon me, making it easy for me to remain optimistic and not give upon myself – how could I? So much goes on behind the scene, both with the Doctors, clinical and administrative staff, all of whom go above and beyond to create a positive experience at Retina Consultants of Boston.”

    Trent S.
    Trent S. July 1, 2016
  3. “I feel my doctors have my best interests at heart. They are not just treating my eye problem, they are treating a human being—me. I feel very comfortable coming here to get my care.”

    Richard W.
    Richard W. June 29, 2016
  4. “I enjoyed coming to see Drs. Weiter and Kumar. They have helped save my vision and I think highly of their practice.”

    Jaqueline M.
    Jaqueline M. June 29, 2016
  5. “I am very happy to be here. The doctors and staff are all very nice and warm. They are like a family to us. I had a very serious vision threatening eye condition. I got such wonderful treatment and I am doing much better than when I first started coming. I am so happy with my care and am so happy my vision is doing so well.”

    Zinaida O.
    Zinaida O. June 22, 2016
  6. “Since I have been coming here, everyone has treated me well. I have had good service, I have good relationships with the doctors and the staff. My eyes have gotten better due to the care they have given me. I truly appreciate it. I try to make my appointments faithfully because of the great care I get.”

    Albert K.
    Albert K. June 22, 2016