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What causes Low Vision?

By admin | Feb 09, 2017

Low vision is a categorized as a vision loss that cannot be corrected with corrective lenses, contacts or surgery. Low vision is either a decrease in field of side vision or a decrease in central visual acuity. Low vision is a debilitating disease that impairs daily tasks for those suffering from it. Usually those who suffer from low vision may find reading, driving, shopping, making out faces or doing detailed tasks difficult. Finding ways to preserve the vision that is left and look for new ways to remain doing your daily tasks is important since low vision can make life a little more challenging.

Causes: Low vision is caused from several different eye diseases including macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and retinitis pigmentosa. Most of these diseases are more common in adults over 50.

Treatment: If medical or surgical therapy cannot restore or stabilize vision, low vision aids, rehabilitation and low vision devices can bring improvement to the quality of life for those suffering from this condition. The two leading causes of blindness in the USA are diabetes and macular degeneration. These two diseases can be treated with intraocular injections of drugs such as Avastin, Lucentis or Eyelea.  Frequently there is an improvement in vision following treatment. For those who suffer from cataracts, cataract surgery which replaces the cloudy lens with an intraocular lens has been helpful in restoring vision.

Low vision specialists: There is a wide variety of low vision aides that can help you manage and cope with low vision. Your doctor should help guide you in determining the correct treatment or rehabilitation options concerning your specific needs. At Retina Consultants of Boston, we value our patients and are committed to restoring and preserving the gift of sight! We are currently accepting new patients please call and make an appointment today!

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