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Ocular Allergies

By admin | May 07, 2019

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It’s allergy season. Trees and flowers are in bloom and your eyes are feeling it. Ocular allergies can be accompanied by several different symptoms including red, itchy, watery and irritated eyes. Ocular allergies occur from an inflammatory reaction to the surface of the eye from particles in the environment. The eyes produce a substance called histamine to fight off the allergen. Allergies can be triggered by several different hosts which can be broadly divided into outdoor allergens and indoor allergens.  Outdoor allergens include pollen from grass, trees or weeds. Examples of indoor allergens are pet dander, mold, dust and irritants such as smoke from cigarettes and perfumes.

To properly treat ocular allergies, your ophthalmologist with exam your eyes to rule out whether your eyes show presence of infection or allergic conjunctivitis. It is helpful to identify the cause of your allergies in order to avoid them as much as possible. Taking precautionary steps such as protecting your eyes with sunglasses and washing your hands after exposure to pollen and other allergens are great ways to keep your allergies at bay. Cleaning filters of air conditioners and reducing humidity in your home can also help reduce the growth of mold spores and dust which may also cause ocular allergies.  Ocular allergies can be treated with over the counter medicines such as artificial tears and oral antihistamines. Artificial tears can help the eye get rid of any debris or foreign body, as well as act as a lubricant. If your eyes are dry, this can exacerbate the irritation your eyes feel. Artificial tears can be used 4-6 times a day.  For added relief it is recommended to store the bottle in the refrigerator. Here, at Retina Consultants of Boston, we pride ourselves in excellent patient care. We take the time to examine each of our patients carefully in order to provide quality patient care. We are currently accepting new patients, please call and schedule an appointment today!

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