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Dry eye causes and treatment

By admin | Dec 31, 2018

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Dry eye is caused by the inability of the eyes to produce adequate or quality tears to keep the eyes lubricated. Tear film is the first line of defense for our eyes. Tears protect our eyes against dust, germs and other foreign bodies. Dry eye may cause complications and make normal everyday tasks such as reading and driving difficult. Some symptoms of dry eye include but are not limited to itchy, irritated, scratchy and burning eyes, episodes of excess tearing, and blurry vision. Symptoms and causes for dry eye may vary depending on age, certain medications and the severity of the condition.

Tears are a complex mixture of fatty oils, water and mucous, and are comprised of three layers. The lipid layer is the outer layer that produces oily tears that keeps the tears from evaporating too quickly.  The aqueous layer is the watery portion of tears that nourishes the cornea and the conjunctiva, a mucous membrane that covers the inside of the eyelids and the front of the eye.  The mucin is the inner layer ensures that the eye stays wet by binding water from the aqueous layer.

Patients with dry eyes can notice an impairment in their quality of life, and vision can sometimes be significantly affected.  Dry eye syndrome can me managed successfully, in most cases. If you have had prolonged symptoms of dry eye its important to see your eye doctor. If left untreated, dry eye may cause chronic problems. Your eye care specialist should preform numerous tests to rule out any underlying causes of dry eye.

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